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Clydesdale Classic Cars the leading classic Mercedes specialist in Scotland provides servicing and repairs for W123, W124, 190SL, and W113 Pagoda models.

Classic Mercedes Servicing & Repairs

Classic Mercedes cars hold an almost legendary status when one thinks of build quality, comfort, and handling abilities.

Mercedes-Benz over-engineered their classic models building cars which earned them a reputation for quality and reliability.

Classic models such as the W123, W126 and R107 are held in high regard by discerning classic car collectors. Furthermore, these models often hold great residual values.

The iconic 190SL roadster alongside the 300SL Gullwing has entered almost God-like status among classic car enthusiasts.

Although known for their build quality they are at that age where wear and tear is beginning to take a toll.

As a classic Mercedes specialist, we have the expertise to carry out any servicing or repair needs you require.

Our skilled technicians can diagnose and repair any classic Mercedes model from routine servicing to full engine rebuilds.

Below is just a small sample of the known issues many classic Mercedes-Benz cars are prone to.

Classic Mercedes servicing and repairs by experienced mechanics.
Routine servicing and maintenance of classic Mercedez-Benz models.

Routine Servicing

There is no better starting point when maintaining a classic Mercedes than regular servicing. Specifically, this should be carried out at manufacturer-specified intervals.

Skipping the official Mercedes service schedules is not recommended, and it can ultimately lead to premature engine wear.

We can carry out routine servicing such as an engine oil and filter change to a complete overhaul.

We use genuine parts when available, and alternatively, we source OEM-quality parts from reputable suppliers.

Alongside quality parts, manufacturer-specified grades of oils and coolants are used.

When owning a classic Mercedes-Benz, never overlook routine servicing, as it is crucial for ensuring the longevity of these cars.

Steering and suspension issues with older classic Mercedes models.

Steering & Suspension

Over time you may notice your steering losing sharpness and becoming vague or the suspension not handling as well as it used to in the corners.

For instance, the Mercedes 107SL is well known for sloppy and/or vague steering with play in the steering box the usual culprit as the vehicle gets older.

These symptoms can creep up on you as the wear takes place slowly over a long period and may not be noticeable at first.

Another known issue in these models can be the steering damper, which, like the steering box becomes worn leaving the steering less precise.

Like the 107SL the R129SL is prone to issues with suspension components where top strut mounts and front lower ball joints suffer from wear leading to noise over bumps and poor handling.

Even the iconic 190SL and W113 Pagoda can experience issues with excessive bearing wear in the rear swing axle, resulting in clunking noises during acceleration and deceleration.

This is where our experience and expertise come into play as we know these cars and their common issues.

We can rectify these problems along with diagnosing other steering and suspension issues that you may have.

Garages with little or no experience in servicing these models may overlook even changing simple but important items like power steering filters.

Ignition System

Your ignition system is an important factor in the smooth running and performance of the engine.

Unfortunately, components such as the distributor cap, rotor arm and ignition leads, especially on some R107 models, can degrade and fail over the years.

Normally the symptoms of this will manifest slowly with the first signs usually being difficulty starting the car, a misfire when running or worse still the inability to start the vehicle at all.

Models such as the 300SL seem to be affected more than say the likes of the 350SL, 380SL, 420SL, 450SL or 500SL regardless of whether fitted with an I6 or V8.

Replacement of affected parts with high-quality genuine or OEM quality items by our trained mechanics will correct these issues and have your vehicle back on the road in no time.

Repairing issues with the ignition system on a classic Mercedes.


The items listed above are just some, but not all, of the most common issues we have found over the years that can plague a classic Mercedes.

It is easy to take your classic Mercedes to any garage for repair work or services, but do they know the quirks and issues often found with these vehicles?

Do they have the skill set to identify common problems and do they possess the expertise and experience to carry out effective repairs to Mercedes-Benz standards?

Our technicians have this knowledge, they are experts in the field of service and repairs of classic Mercedes models.

Rest assured that our technicians can diagnose, rectify, and improve these beloved vehicles, ensuring many more years of happy motoring for you.

If you are looking to have your classic Mercedes serviced or repaired to the highest of standards then Clydesdale Classic Cars should be your first port of call.

Summary of Service and Repairs of classic Mercedes-Benz models.

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