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Clydesdale Classic Cars are your classic Mini specialists in Scotland. We offer repairs, servicing, and upgrades for classic Minis.

Classic Mini Specialists for Repairs & Servicing

Every car old or new requires periodic maintenance to keep it in good running order.

However, with cars such as the classic Mini finding qualified mechanics with the relevant skills to carry out routine servicing and repairs is not easy.

At Clydesdale Classic Cars we are classic Mini specialists. We have qualified mechanics who can carry out all classic Mini repairs and servicing as well as a host of performance upgrades if desired.

Our mechanics have a wealth of experience maintaining, upgrading, and repairing a classic Mini to the highest standards.

Classic Mini Repairs and Servicing - Clydesdale Classic Cars
Classic Mini Specialists Scotland

Routine Servicing

Ensuring your classic Mini is routinely serviced using quality parts and fluids should be any classic Mini owner’s top priority.

As Mini specialists, we are fully equipped to carry out minor or major engine services to manufacturer specifications.

We offer everything from a simple oil and filter change to the timing chain and drive belt replacements.

We can check and set ignition points and tune your engine to run efficiently ensuring longevity and helping performance and fuel economy.

Moreover, we only fit the highest OEM-quality parts and fluids ensuring correct fitment.

Suspension System

Your suspension system is crucial to the overall handling and safety of your classic Mini.

Worn shock absorbers, faulty Hydrolastic systems, or other suspension components must be repaired and replaced.

We offer classic Mini owners a raft of options for their vehicles from the direct replacement of worn-out parts to expert repairs to complete suspension upgrades.

The unique Hydrolastic suspension system found on the classic Mini needs regular maintenance.

Furthermore, as classic Mini specialists, we can check, top-up, or change the fluid in this system.

We can advise on options available should you wish to convert or upgrade your Mini’s suspension to improve handling and performance.

Classic Mini Specialists Scotland
Brakes - Clydesdale Classic Cars

Braking System

Maintaining your classic Mini’s braking system is crucial, never underestimate its importance. Brakes wear over time, especially with hard driving.

Optimal brake performance is essential at all times, emphasising its constant significance. Safety for you, pedestrians, and other road users is paramount.

Brakes degrade gradually, making performance drops hard to notice initially. Early model Minis’ brake systems date back to the sixties.

Until 1984, standard classic Minis lacked disc brakes, relying on outdated drum brakes. These offer limited stopping power compared to modern systems.

Regularly servicing your Mini’s braking system is highly advisable.

Tyre Fitting - Clydesdale Classic Cars

Tyre Fitting

Clydesdale Classic Cars offer a full tyre fitting and balancing service and are fully equipped to supply and fit tyres to all classic Mini’s.

We can supply period-correct tyres and have specialist equipment that even allows us to fit spoked or wire wheels commonly found on classic vehicles.

We are also able to advise on tyre choices from manufacturers, suitable tread patterns and performance ratings to help keep you safe on the road.

Additionally, we can carry out basic puncture repairs at a competitive price.

Exhaust System

Standard mild steel exhaust systems fitted to classic Mini are prone to corrosion and failure. Whether it is the main exhaust or hangers and fittings they are in a constant fight against our wet climate.

As Mini specialists, we can replace your exhaust system with a like-for-like option or supply an upgrade to a more durable stainless steel system.

We can advise and offer selected performance upgrade options to improve driveability and increase power.

Regardless of standard, stainless or performance our replacement exhaust options are competitively priced and fully guaranteed.

Classic Mini Exhaust System
Rust Protection - Clydesdale Classic Cars

Rust Protection

As an approved Lanoguard application centre we can apply rust protection treatments as part of your regular maintenance service. A classic Mini was never known for its ability to fend off the dreaded tin worm.

With that in mind having your vehicle protected against the elements, especially here in the UK, will help prevent the advance of corrosion and with it the costly bills associated with panel repair.

Therefore, we highly recommend the Lanoguard 1-2-3 treatment plan, designed to give your vehicle maximum rust protection over a 3-year period.

Read more about our rust prevention treatments here: Underbody Rust Protection for Classic Cars

Performance Upgrades

Clydesdale Classic Cars are the leading UK specialists when undertaking performance upgrades on all classic Mini models. From installation and fitment of upgraded brakes to sports suspension packages and engine tuning.

Mini specialists, such as ourselves, have the technical expertise to transform any classic Mini from a mild-mannered road car to a great handling high-performance street racer.

Whether you are looking for a basic engine upgrade or suspension handling package to improve drivability or want to go all out with a complete performance package suitable for track days we can help.

Performance Upgrades - Clydesdale Classic Cars
Summary - Clydesdale Classic Cars


Make Clydesdale Classic Cars your first port of call when looking for classic Mini specialists in Scotland.

We have highly qualified classic Mini mechanics who have years of experience and knowledge and know these cars inside out.

Over the years we have carried out multiple services, repairs and upgrades on Minis of all ages and conditions.

We believe that the skills and knowledge we have accumulated over the years make us your best choice when looking for any repairs or servicing work to be carried out on your classic Mini.

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