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Specialist Nissan 300ZX Repairs and Servicing

Welcome to Clydesdale Classic Cars, your premier destination for Nissan 300ZX repair and servicing.

With unparalleled expertise, we ensure your cherished classic remains in peak condition.

Moreover, our experienced technicians deliver exceptional service, making us the go-to choice for 300ZX enthusiasts.

With years of experience working on Nissan 300ZX models, our team at Clydesdale Classic Cars has gained unparalleled knowledge and skills.

Therefore, we can confidently handle a wide range of repair and maintenance tasks, including:

    • Engine repair and rebuild
    • Transmission service and overhaul
    • Brake system maintenance and repair
    • Suspension and steering service
    • Electrical system repair
    • Air conditioning and heating repair
    • Exhaust system repair and replacement
    • Interior and exterior detailing
    • Diagnostic services

In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services tailored specifically for your Nissan 300ZX.

You can trust Clydesdale Classic Cars to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Not only do we specialise in mechanical repairs, but we also provide exceptional bodywork and restoration services.

Therefore, whether you need routine maintenance or a complete restoration, Clydesdale Classic Cars has you covered.

Above all, our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures you receive top-quality service every time.

Nissan 300ZX Repair Work by Clydesdale Classic Cars
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Introduction to the 300ZX and Known Issues

Introduced in 1983, the Nissan 300ZX, also known as the Fairlady Z in Japan, became an instant hit among sports car enthusiasts.

Initially, the Z31 generation featured a 3.0L V6 engine, with the Z32 launching in 1989. Furthermore, the Z32 boasted a sleeker design and a more powerful twin-turbocharged engine.

Throughout its production, the 300ZX faced several known issues. For instance, early Z31 models experienced fuel injector failures, which were later addressed.

Additionally, the Z32’s more complex electronics proved challenging, resulting in erratic idle and poor acceleration.

Consequently, proper maintenance is crucial for optimal performance.

Moreover, the 300ZX is known for its timing belt, which requires replacement every 60,000 miles to prevent catastrophic engine damage.

Furthermore, the twin-turbo models often suffered from turbocharger failure, mainly due to inadequate oil supply or high mileage.

Despite these issues, the Nissan 300ZX remains a beloved classic sports car, offering thrilling performance and timeless style.

300ZX Z32 Cylinder Heads
Z32 Twin Turbo Intake Manifolds

Nissan 300ZX Repairs and Servicing

When it comes to maintaining and servicing the iconic Nissan 300ZX, trust the expertise of Clydesdale Classic Cars.

Moreover, we specialise in repairing and servicing these vehicles, ensuring your car remains in peak condition.

This comprehensive guide will explore the various aspects of Nissan 300ZX repairs and servicing.

Regular Oil and Filter Changes

Firstly, ensure that your Nissan 300ZX undergoes regular oil and filter changes. Changing the oil and filter every 3,000 miles is ideal for maintaining engine health.

Furthermore, using high-quality synthetic oil can enhance the engine’s longevity.

Inspect and Replace Timing Belts

Secondly, inspect and replace timing belts as needed. Generally, it’s recommended to replace them every 60,000 miles. Besides, a worn or broken timing belt can cause severe engine damage.

Keep an Eye on Fluid Levels

Additionally, always check and maintain proper fluid levels in your vehicle. Consequently, this includes the coolant, brake, power steering, and transmission fluid. In short, regularly monitoring these levels can prevent potential issues.

300ZX Z32 Twin Turbo Flywheel

Common Nissan 300ZX Repairs

Turbocharger Replacement

The Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo is known for its powerful performance. However, with age, the turbochargers may begin to fail.

Therefore, our expert technicians can diagnose and replace faulty turbochargers, ensuring optimal performance.

Fuel Injector Replacement

Likewise, fuel injectors are a common issue in Nissan 300ZXs, especially in older models. Consequently, our technicians can expertly diagnose and replace faulty injectors, improving fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Suspension Repairs and Upgrades

Similarly, suspension components such as shocks, struts, and bushings can wear out over time. At Clydesdale Classic Cars, we offer professional suspension repairs and upgrades for your Nissan 300ZX, enhancing ride quality and handling.


Our team has state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to identify problems and provide the best solutions. Specifically, we use the Nissan Consult (Computerised On-board System Universal Tester) software to diagnose many issues.

For example, it allows us to diagnose problems like rough running, Hicas issues, and air conditioning faults and read engine trouble codes.

300ZX Body Shell Being Painted
300ZX Z32 During a Re-Spray at Clydesdale Classic Cars

Clydesdale Classic Cars' Comprehensive Servicing Packages

Basic Service Package

To begin with, our Basic Service Package includes an oil and filter change, a comprehensive vehicle inspection, and tyre check.

Furthermore, this package perfectly maintains your Nissan 300ZX’s overall health.

Intermediate Service Package

Next, our Intermediate Service Package covers everything in the Basic Service Package. In addition, it includes replacing the air filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs.

Moreover, this package is ideal for keeping your Nissan 300ZX running smoothly.

Advanced Service Package

Lastly, our Advanced Service Package encompasses everything in the Intermediate Service Package, including a complete transmission service, brake fluid replacement, and coolant system flush.

Ultimately, this package ensures that your Nissan 300ZX remains in top condition.

Parking Brake Components for 300ZX During Repair Work
Repairing a pair of Nissan 300ZX rear hubs and handbrake.

Why Choose Clydesdale Classic Cars for Your Nissan 300ZX Repairs and Servicing?

Expert Technicians

First and foremost, our team of expert technicians specialises in Nissan 300ZX repairs and servicing. In other words, our mechanics possess the knowledge and experience to handle any repair or maintenance task.

Genuine Nissan Parts

Additionally, we use genuine Nissan parts, where available, for all repairs and servicing. As a result, you can trust that your Nissan 300ZX will receive high-quality components that meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Clydesdale Classic Cars, we pride ourselves on delivering expert Nissan 300ZX repair services to our valued clients. Furthermore, our highly skilled technicians work diligently to ensure your complete satisfaction with every repair and maintenance job.

Consequently, you can trust us to treat your prized 300ZX carefully and professionally.

Not only do we offer a comprehensive range of services, but we also provide transparent communication throughout the process.

Therefore, you’ll always be informed about your vehicle’s repair progress. Moreover, we stand by the quality of our workmanship, offering a satisfaction guarantee on all services performed.

In addition, our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always ready to address any concerns or questions.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that Clydesdale Classic Cars remains the premier choice for Nissan 300ZX enthusiasts seeking exceptional service and peace of mind.

Contact us for Your Nissan 300ZX Repair and Servicing Needs

Lastly, if you own a Nissan 300ZX and require professional repair or servicing, look no further than Clydesdale Classic Cars.

Our dedicated team of technicians has the expertise and passion to keep your classic car in top condition. Furthermore, we invite you to contact us today to schedule an appointment or discuss your Nissan 300ZX repair and servicing needs.

Nissan 300ZX Z32 Repairs at Clydesdale Classic Cars
300ZX Z32 Stripped Down for Repairs at Clydesdale Classic Cars

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FAQs About Our Nissan 300ZX Repairs & Servicing

We provide various services, including mechanical repairs, maintenance, diagnostics, bodywork, and restorations.

Our skilled technicians have years of experience in servicing and repairing Nissan 300ZX vehicles. We have repaired, serviced and fully restored numerous 300ZX’s.

Yes, we stand by our workmanship and offer a satisfaction guarantee on all services performed.

We prioritise using genuine Nissan parts whenever possible to ensure the best performance and reliability for your 300ZX.

Contact us via phone, email, or our online contact form, and our team will help you schedule a convenient appointment.

Absolutely! We offer transparent communication and will provide an estimate before commencing any work on your Nissan 300ZX.

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