Lanoguard: The Underbody Rust Protection for Classic Cars

As a Lanoguard application trade partner, we provide professional underbody rust protection treatment for vintage and classic cars.

Protecting & Preserving Your Classic Car

Rust and corrosion are the scourge of many classic car owners. If left unchecked corrosion can turn a once valuable vehicle into a money pit or worse, fodder for the scrap heap.

Being ever vigilant and at the same time taking effective preventative measures can halt the spread of rust and corrosion.

But what are effective preventative measures when tackling the dreaded tin worm? What is the best treatment to use? What preparation is required before applying a treatment? These are a few questions faced by classic car owners.

Fighting rust can become an expensive endeavour but doing little or nothing at all can lead to costly repairs in the future.

This is where the Lanoguard rust protection system comes as an effective yet affordable option for vehicle owners.

Protecting & Preserving You Classic Car
Introducing Lanoguard Rust Protection System

Introducing Lanoguard Rust Protection System

There is a plethora of rust prevention and treatment products currently on the market, many of which are accompanied by lofty claims of “superior product” or being the “market leader”.

The extensive range of products and treatments available can lead to confusion, or worse still result in choosing the wrong product for your specific needs.

At Clydesdale Classic Cars, we have a wealth of experience in rectifying corrosion, whether with effective rust treatment and protection or, in the worst-case scenario, fabricating or replacing panels.

Therefore, we highly recommend the Lanoguard 1-2-3 treatment plan (see below), designed to give your vehicle maximum rust protection over a 3-year period.

Lanoguard Rust Prevention Treatment for Classic Cars

Rust Protection Treatment Plan

Lanoguard 1-2-3 is a three-year treatment plan model, which is priced yearly.

Essentially, it involves initial heavy treatment of Lanoguard grease and Lanoguard spray in year 1, top-up coats of spray in years 2 and three, and then repeating the plan from year 4.

First Year

We start with the removal of the inner wheel arch covers, undercover etc. We then perform a heavy degrease jet wash of the underbody, an inspection of underbody condition, and a wire brush of any flaking/loose rust, paint and/or past under seal.

A full grease treatment to weld seams, nuts, bolts, sharp edges, and mating surfaces is then applied. Anywhere moisture can gather will get a grease treatment in the first year followed by a full spray treatment over the whole underbody (avoiding brakes and fan belts) including an internal injection to box sections, sills, subframes, slam panels, and inner chassis.

Moreover, this is the most time-consuming and thorough initial treatment. Pricing starts from £180 depending on the size and condition of the vehicle.

2nd Year

We perform a full cold jet wash of the underbody and thorough inspection of the coating and vehicle.

In the second year, we recommend giving a full coating of the spray on exposed underbody areas and also under the undertray, to top up the coating and ensure continuous protection.

Injecting the spray inside box sections and inner chassis is optional in year 2, as Lanoguard will be well preserved due to being out of UV light. However, if you’d like to top it up still, it doesn’t hurt to.

Pricing starts from £120 depending on the size of the vehicle.

3rd Year

In the 3rd year, we will perform a full cold jet wash of the underbody. Inspect the coating and vehicle. Check on areas where the grease was applied, and top it up if needed.

At this point, we recommend giving another full coating of the spray internally and externally (box sections, sills, inner chassis, and whole underbody) to top up the coating and ensure continuous protection.

Pricing for the 3rd year of the plan begins from £120 depending on the size of the vehicle.

4th Year

In year 4 we will remove all Lanoguard using the recommended Lanoguard Remover product.

Additionally, we carry out a full inspection of the condition of the vehicle and then repeat the cycle from year 1.

Lanoguard Treatment on a Classic Mercedes

Recently we carried out a first-year Lanoguard rust protection treatment on this classic Mercedes W124 260E model. You can read the full article as well as view the numerous images taken during the process by following this link to our article: How we Lanoguard a Classic Mercedes W124

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Lanoguard Rust Protection Treatment FAQs

Below, you will find a selection of frequently asked questions we receive regarding the Lanoguard rust prevention product, as well as general questions about protecting your classic car from the elements.

Furthermore, if you have a question regarding rust prevention or a related topic, please feel free to comment or ask via the contact form below.

Yes, Lanoguard will displace oxygen and moisture, providing a hermetic seal on the surface which stops the rust in its tracks and stops new rust from forming. Due to lanolin’s natural affinity to metals, it will also slowly seep under the rust and push of oxidation. It won’t completely remove rust, but it will nourish and improve the surface over the long term.

Lanoguard has been designed for yearly/seasonal applications. It should be topped up at least once a year to ensure continuous protection.

The product is broken down by UV, so the more it is exposed to sunlight the shorter its lifespan. Given these factors, Lanoguard states it lasts 9-18 months however in almost all use cases it lasts a year.

Lanoguard is eco-friendly and has green non-hazardous certifications. It does not require special handling, protective clothing or disposable gloves, which all add to the carbon footprint of utilising a product that is hazardous.

The primary ingredient of Lanoguard is Lanolin which is a very ecologically safe and sound base. In fact, an entire dam in New Zealand was moved downriver on a base of Lanoguard marine grease which shows you how the river authority was not concerned about any toxins that would be left as a result.

The rust protection treatment varies in price depending on the initial condition of the vehicle and its size with the treatment usually starting from around £180.