Reviving Your VW T2 Camper: A Guide to Replacing Rear Tail Lights

Replacing the Rear Lights on a 1972 VW T2 Camper

Is your beloved VW T2 camper showing signs of wear and tear, with corroded rear tail lights and faded lenses? Don’t fret! Let’s walk you through the process we took in replacing those worn-out lights. In brief, how we restored both safety and aesthetics to this vintage camper van.

VW T2 Camper Van Rear Lights Replacement

A Brief History of the VW T2 Camper

The VW T2 camper, affectionately known as the “Kombi” or “Microbus,” has a rich history deeply intertwined with the counterculture movements of the 1960s. It debuted in 1967, succeeding the original T1 model, and quickly captured the hearts of adventurers, surfers, and nomads alike.

With its distinctive boxy shape and iconic VW emblem, the T2 became synonymous with freedom and exploration. Its spacious interior and versatile design made it the perfect vehicle for road trips, camping adventures, and cross-country journeys. Equipped with a rear-mounted air-cooled engine, the T2 was reliable and easy to maintain, making it popular among budget-conscious travellers.

Throughout the 1970s, the T2 camper gained cult status, especially among the hippie movement, who embraced its bohemian charm and laid-back vibes. Furthermore, it became a symbol of alternative lifestyles and communal living, often adorned with colourful paint, peace symbols, and flower decals.

Despite facing competition from modern minivans and RVs, the T2 camper maintained its popularity through nostalgia and retro appeal. Production continued in various forms around the world, including Brazil, where it remained in production until 2013.

Today, the VW T2 camper enjoys a dedicated fan base and collector’s market. Moreover, the VW T2 stands as a timeless symbol of wanderlust and adventure, reminding us of an era when the open road was calling, and anything seemed possible.

Diagnosis and Replacement

Our client brought this stunning 1972 Volkswagen T2 camper van in for investigation work on various issues. One of those issues related to the rear tail lights which were only partly functioning.

We investigated the issues with the rear lights, first checking the bulbs and then the electrical connections. This led us to find severe corrosion of the bulb holders on both light clusters. (see image below)

With this diagnosis and observing the faded lenses, we recommended to our client the replacement of both light clusters. This would result in both the correct operation of the tail lights and an improvement in aesthetics.

After the client quickly authorised the estimate for supplying and fitting rear light units, we promptly placed an order with our supplier.


Replacing the light units begins with removing the outer lens covers by unscrewing the three self-tapping screws which attach the lens to the main light unit body.

With the outer lens removed, we turned our attention to the fiddly bit. Access to the four securing nuts holding the light unit body to the camper is via the engine bay, so a work light and some patience are required.

The light unit was then gently pulled out to allow access to the rear electrical connections which reside under a plastic cover. These were then promptly disconnected, and the old unit was removed from the camper.


Installation is simply just a reversal of the removal procedure. We ensured the original electrical connectors on the wiring loom were clean and free of corrosion before reconnecting to the light unit.

Once reassembled and installation was complete, we ran a series of checks to ensure all lights were functioning correctly.


We are restoring its vintage charm by replacing the rear light units on this iconic camper van. Moreover, we are enhancing safety on the road.

Using a VW T2 specialist ensures meticulous attention to detail, considering the unique needs of these classic vehicles.

Our expertise in repairing VW camper vans ensures the replacement process is carried out to the highest standards.

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