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Learn more about Clydesdale Classic Cars, the UK’s leading vintage and classic car repair, servicing and maintenance company.

About Us

Welcome to Clydesdale Classic Cars, your trusted partner in preserving automotive heritage.

Based in East Kilbride, Scotland, we are a team of experienced mechanics, car enthusiasts, and dedicated professionals who share a singular passion: keeping classic cars alive and thriving.

Our Journey

Clydesdale Classic Cars was born out of a profound love for classic automobiles and a deep respect for the craftsmanship they embody.

Our founder, David Mutch, a classic car enthusiast, saw a need for a dedicated service to help fellow enthusiasts maintain, repair, and upgrade their precious vehicles.

Furthermore, in 2007, he turned this vision into a reality and began working on a business that would evolve into the Clydesdale Classic Cars we know today.

Our Services

While we appreciate the beauty and nostalgia of classic cars, we understand that they require specific attention and care.

This understanding forms the foundation of our services, which include:

    • Classic Car Repair: Our team of skilled mechanics leverages their in-depth knowledge of classic cars to deliver the highest standards of repair services. From engine troubles to bodywork issues, we’ve got you covered.
    • Servicing & Maintenance: Regular servicing is essential to keep a classic car running smoothly. Our comprehensive maintenance checks and services ensure that every part of your vehicle is in optimal condition.
    • Upgrades & Modifications: While we respect and preserve the original integrity of your classic car, we also understand that some modern upgrades can enhance its performance and safety. We offer various upgrade and modification services tailored to each vehicle’s needs and owner’s preferences.

Our Commitment

At Clydesdale Classic Cars, we believe that each classic car tells a story. Furthermore, our mission is to ensure these stories continue by preserving and enhancing these vehicles for future generations to appreciate.

Additionally, we treat every car in our workshop as our own, ensuring it is in the best possible condition and performance.

Our Location

We’re proud to be a part of the East Kilbride community, servicing classic cars from all over the UK from our workshop in Scotland.

In fact, we would like to invite you to visit us, see our team in action, and experience our passion for classic cars first-hand.

Furthermore, at Clydesdale Classic Cars, we don’t just work on classic cars—we live and breathe them.

So, we’re here whether you’re seeking expert advice, need a reliable service, or want to discuss your classic car.

To sum up, together, we can keep the golden age of motoring alive.

Repairing & Servicing a Classic Jaguar
Front Grille of a Classic Jaguar

In The Press

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David Mutch founder of Clydesdale Classic Cars East Kilbride Scotland

Discussing Modern Classics

In a recent article with The Herald Scotland Clydesdale Classic Cars founder David Mutch discusses the rise of the modern classic. The article delves deep into the late 20th-century motors of the 1980s and 1990s and how some of these iconic cars are now sought-after investments.

David Mutch Owner of Clydesdale Classic Cars

Old-school Car Workers

David Mutch, founder of East Kilbride-based Clydesdale Classic Cars discusses the difficulties faced in hiring qualified staff. Finding mechanics and panel beaters with the right skills is not easy, as today’s mechanics are trained to work on cars that require laptops and software.

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Recommended Reading

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