Classic Car Repair Services from Clydesdale Classic Cars

Our services for classic cars include repairs, routine servicing, upgrades, tuning and performance modifications, rust repair and welding.

Vintage Car Repair Services

Whatever your motivation for repairing or modifying your classic car, it is the ultimate labour of love.

For a classic car owner, bringing a car back to life is an enriching experience that will ensure you enjoy your classic vehicle for numerous, carefree decades.

Many owners will have a go at repairing their vehicles themselves.

Still, with our expert car repair services, we can ensure the highest quality finish that will last a lifetime.

Car Restoration Services - Clydesdale Classic Cars
Servicing and Repairs - Clydesdale Classic Cars

Servicing & Repairs

It is crucial to keep your classic car well-maintained with regular servicing and repairs.

Moreover, this is a vital part of owning a classic car that many neglect, causing issues to develop.

Our team of experienced mechanics have extensive knowledge in repairing and maintaining a wide variety of marques.

We provide a raft of comprehensive services for classic cars. From general servicing, electrical repairs, suspension overhauls and diagnostics are all part of our wide array of services.

Engines & Transmissions

From full rebuilds to minor engine maintenance, our engineering department has a vast experience with all marques of classic cars.

Whether an MG or Ferrari, we have the facilities to have your classic car running as the day it was new.

We provide reliable engine and powertrain testing services for all makes and models of classic cars.

We can detect and report any faults with your vehicle’s engine, repair your car, and get you back on the road.

Engine Rebuilding Services - Clydesdale Classic Cars
Upgrades and Modifications - Clydesdale Classic Cars

Upgrades & Modifications

Not all Classic Car owners want to retain their cars to the original factory specifications.

Our mechanics have decades of experience in upgrading and modifying classic vehicles.

From upgraded carburettor setups to full engine swaps, we have the skills and the knowledge to carry out any form of modification to your Classic.

Rust Repair & Welding

Classic cars, due to their age, often face rust and corrosion problems, posing maintenance challenges.

For this reason, we provide rust repair, welding, and corrosion prevention treatments to increase the life of your classic car.

For example, our Lanoguard treatment will protect the vulnerable underside of your car from the elements.

Furthermore, we can replace panels and bodywork which have succumbed to the dreaded tin worm.

Welding Services for Classic Cars
Fitting a replacement panel on a classic car
Classic Car Tyre Fitting Service - Clydesdale Classic Cars

Classic Car Tyre Fitting

Did you know we can supply, fit and balance an extensive range of period-correct tyres for almost any classic car?

We have specialist tyre fitting equipment which allows us to offer a tyre fitting and balancing service for wire or spoked wheels commonly found on older vehicles.

In fact, very few tyre fitting companies can offer these specialist services or have access to the equipment required to carry it out.

Covered or Uncovered Transport

Are you looking for a competitively priced classic car transportation service that is fully insured, trusted and reliable?

At Clydesdale Classic Cars, we provide an efficient and cost-effective delivery and collection service throughout the UK.

We have a long, established history in the classic car repair industry, giving us the insight required to transport cherished and valuable vehicles.

Classic Car Transportation Service - Clydesdale Classic Cars
Car Sales and Sourcing - Clydesdale Classic Cars

Car Sales & Sourcing

Our business started with the buying and selling of classic vehicles, so you could say it was our original specialisation.

If you are looking to sell your classic vehicle without the hassle of buyers sending you endless messages, and you want to guarantee you achieve the maximum value for it, let us know how we can help you.

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